Here’s what some of our students and host families have to say about their Homestay Townsville experience:

Lou-Isa Natoga Vaera, Fiji - Townsville Grammar Student

Not once did I doubt, settling in to Townsville to begin a new life, however my settlement would not have been worth a cent,

if it wasn't for Homestay Townsville... I began with my wonderful host family Prue and Rick Lewis in 2013, and had originally had

planned to move to boarding school the following year but... I loved it so much that I stayed on for another year. The life from the

outback desert soon changed to a new lifestyle in the city. I was not certain on how to live in the city, how people in the city lived or how the place worked,

but Prue and Rick were a true guidence through that rollercoaster ride. It all began when I did a big move from Darwin through to Townsville to my house in Rasmussen.

I opened those gates and suddenly a beautiful dog, Bella greeted me with licks. I saw the house and my first instict was like 'wow', from that moment the heat just about

knocked me out. I was quiet at first, shy and quite timid, (which changed quickly), also through a state of shock as it was a big change, but without Prue and Rick by my side,

I would not be the person I am today. I give my greatest grattiude to Homestay Townsville. I cannot thank my host parents enough, as my mentors, tutors,taxi, guardian and

friends. I am glad to cal them family. Tough times approached, homesickness and stress affected me, but Prue gave me her and hand and built me a bridge and I eventually

had enough strenght to climb over it.

Azusa Goto - Iwaki Fukoshima Japan TIES English Student

My host family was kind to me every time and very good for me. Helped with homework. Learnt alot about Australian culture, went

to the beach, bbq and Billabong Sanctuary. Celebrated birthday with other Japan's students at my host home. I didn't feel unhappy at'

all during my stay. I really enjoyed every day. Thank you host and Susan from Especially Australia.

Catherine (Hui Van Wong), Tseu King Garden, Tsuen Wau Hong Kong - Townsville Grammar Student Year 10 - Year 12

I very much enjoyed my homestay in Townsville. From the moment that I arrived I was made to feel very welcome. I was lucky enough to travel alot

with my host family as I stayed with them during with the school holidays. I travelled to places like South Australia with can be very cold and it is quite

a big city with lots of shopping and Chinese food to eat. I also got to meet my host family's grandchildren, aswell. We travelled alot around Queensland, from

Longreach to Cooktown admiring the various sites along the way. I also got to catch the School Bus, but was always picked up if there was any out of school activities.

I graduated and got accepted into a University of my choice.

Fiona Tukumuli, Wallis Futuna Islands

I’ll never forget those months spent in Homestay beside Prue and Rick - they helped me a lot.

I learnt so many things of the Australian culture and family life – it was great to travel and sightsee around Townsville and Queensland.

Every day by your side was a new lesson for me - in manners, clothes and my appearance

My English helped me in my position in my father’s company.

It helped me grow and get good and develop new habits.

I thank you again for your kindness, your attention and your advice Prue and Rick.

Chang Won Lee, Kyung Hee Yoon - Linda's parents, Korea

My daughter, Lee Ji Soo (Linda), was in school in Townsville, Australia.

English is very important for Korean students, and they spend lots of time on it. They study hard at English in elementary school so they can study easily in junior, middle and high school. So my daughter went abroad to Australia for English.

At first we thought we'd be satisfied with Linda if she learnt English well, but after Linda spent a term at Cathedral School and spent other terms in Calvary School, it helped Linda with school affairs. Linda got many certificates with help from the schools and the teachers. Now she has lots of mind and self confidence. Especially, the homestay life in Prue and Rick's house taught Linda the cultural and home life in Australia.

Prue and Rick looked after Linda just like the parents and Linda says she lived there comfortably. We thank Prue and Rick so much for taking Linda on many journeys in holidays and teaching her English. Australian friends helped Linda a lot to study in the school.

We hope that Linda's experiences with her friends will help her with the future. We are satisfied with Linda's life and all the studying and with Linda's younger brother Chris' life in Australia. We want to say thank you to the schools and the teachers, and to Linda's friends, and special thanks to Prue and Rick.

Linda (Lee, Ji Soo), Korea

I learnt many things in Australia with the help of the schools, the school teachers, Australian friends, teacher Prue and Uncle Rick. I went to Cathedral School and Calvary Christian College and I thank them for letting me come to their schools and feel very comfortable. Also I thank the school teachers for all their help and the explanations for my lessons in school. My Australian friends always helped me and taught me the Australian games. If they didn't play with me, maybe I would have been lonely, so I thank them. Especially, I thank teacher Prue and Uncle Rick. They always took me on journeys to teach me Australia's culture and the history, and they taught me English with some good explanations, and also gave me good quality food, unlike some other homestays. The study I did in Australia helped me with my Korean study. As soon as I came back to Korea I went to the academy which is famous for English education in Korea. I did the test to see my level, and I got the high level. Also I was the brightest student in my class so I got many certificates. My parents were satisfied with it. I thank everyone so much.

Stephanie Hong, Korea

I am a grade 9 Korean student and lived with Susan for a while when I was in Australia. I had a great time at Susan's in Australia. The food I ate at Susan's was wonderful! I was a little bit nervous at eating Australian food everyday, but the food was fantastic. I also had lots of free-time at Susan's. I went for many walks with her daughter Kimberley. I got to use the home internet. Of course, I had to finish my homework and do extra study, and keep my bedroom clean and tidy. My English skills have also improved very much as Susan corrected them when I spoke incorrectly. The most important thing was that I didn't feel I was alone. Many kids from overseas feel sad and depressed, but at Susan's I wasn't. Australia is a great place for Korean kids to go and study and is also good for cultural experiences.

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