Our host families

Group of people Homestay Townsville Australia (HTA) regard our hosts as an essential partner in the pursuit of our main aim - to give every one of our students a happy, successful and unforgettable experience of living and learning in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

As such, we appreciate that our hosts deserve a full support and back-up service from us to help them fulfil their role.

Homestay families live in surrounding suburbs of Townsville. The families are interested in caring for students for their welfare, development and for their education, providing a warm, friendly environment for a sometime nervous student who have never been away from home before. Students can experience, while living as a member of an Australian family, positive study habits, and share insight into their interests and culture.

Our Host families come from varied backgrounds and cultures, but are all fluent English speakers. The families also vary, reflecting Australian society, for example, married couple with children, single mother, retired couple and young couples with no children. They may live in a house with a garden, a town house with shared gardens, or a unit in an apartment block.

Homestay Townsville Australia (HTA) recognises that risk management for children in homestay begins with the recruiting, screening and selection of the right people to provide an accommodation service and continues by having consistant procedures in place for all to follow, with adequate management and supervision to ensure they comply with these procedures.

Our Homestay families are an integral part of the student's success, and provide a safe and caring environment.

All members of our host families over the age of 18 year are throughly checked prior to placement and are required to hold a curren Positive Notice (or Blue Card), this is a Government requirement.  http://www.bluecard.qld.gov.au/pdf/forms/PSBA001MAY15-BC-Blue-card-application.pdf

Our families know it's important for students to become familiar with the house rules and normal daily routines as soon as possible. There is a first night questionnaire given to each student on arrival, which the host finds useful to go through with their student. This helps them to know about the family routines and what is expected from them.


Current Homestay Families

Provide a clean, safe, comfortable and welcoming homestay family environment that will encourage students to experience life of their family, and include their student in family related activities.

  • The hosts participate in annual reviews of homestay arrangement

  • Facilities and infastructure (e.g. access to transport)

  • Hygiene

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Sign all Education and Homestay rules and regulation forms necessary for carte and welfare, set out in the Homestay Code of Conduct and Risk Management

  • Services provided (e.g. meals, laundry)

  • Are invited to a meeting held at the Co-ordinators Office, every six months for families to network together and gather information and speak about any queries they may have.

  • Are able to call on the Homestay Co-ordinator who is on-call 24/7 for any urgent support needed, e.g. assis the studen to seek necessary medical attention and obtain proper medical certficiates in case of absense.

  • Inform the parents promptly in the event of any problems, discuss solution with partent and at promplty on their advice, liase with the Homestay Co-ordinator concerning behavour, condcut that may affect studen'ts progress

  • Attend school meetings, such as parent/teacher interviews

  • Ensure that the student informs them of where the student will be when away from the home and what time they are expected home.

  • Always have a responsible adult at home during the night.

Most of the homes are centrally located to schools, James Cook University, the hospital, libraries, sporting venues, shopping centres, cinemas and have access to public transport.

Homestay Families are sourced through

  • Homestay Townsville Australia's webpage

  • Townsville Grammar parents and staff members

  • Recommendation by current homestay families

  • Phone calls and emails to request information about homestay program

Interested in becoming a host? Further details are available here.

Homestay Family Application Forms (Link) 

Information Handbook for Homestay Families (V June 2015) (Link)

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