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Simone Kossendey

Managing Homestay Co-ordinator

Homestay Townsville Australia (HTA) has been welcoming and arranging hosting of International Students since 2003. We are proud that many of them have enjoyed a richly rewarding and overwhelmingly positive experience in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Homestay Townsville Australia (HTA) is a registered business. 100% Australian owned. As there are very strict rules regarding accommodation arrangements with host families for students under 18. Adherence to these rules is a condition of our accreditation by the Education providers, to follow the governing bodies and legislation set down by the Commonwealth and State Education Departments, and have specific policies in place for their care.

As the winner of a Judges Commendation in the Export Awards (2006) Homestay Townsville prides itself on its attention to detail and providing a high level of service to our students, host families, local institutions and tour operators.

Management have travelled to various parts of the world, staying with students and their families, which gives them a greater understanding when placing visitors in suitable accommodation in Australia.

Personal satisfaction and business success for all is our greatest reward. Homestay Townsville Australia (HTA) provides a special Liason Service that results in a harmounious union for client and homestay host. We are at all times mindful of the importance of a working relationship between agent, educational provider, client and the host family.

Homestay Townsville offers the following services to ensure the best outcomes for its visiting students and host families:

School enrolments

Homestay Townsville Australia (HTA) has a link to Study Townsville for the different Education Providers that a student may require. www.studytownsville.com.au Link

School enrolment documents and information are sent to the parents for the institutions.

On arrival help in given to purchase uniforms, initial stationary, school supplies. HTA monitors the standard of achievement in partnership with the education provider, taking steps to ensure that standard of achievement does not lapse. HTA and the host families also provide on-going support with education needs, including language skills. Parent-teacher interviews are attended when requested and school reports are sent home to parents.

Visa applications

Homestay Townsville will make an appointment with a migration agent who will explain visa regulations and local laws to students. For more information please click on the IQ Australia Link


Homestay hosts have been visited personally by staff and assessed regarding their appropriateness for providing homestay. Our main concerns being the physical care, emotional safety and general wellbeing of our client.

Whilst Federal Government has not designated specific regulations for running a Homestay program there are some guidelines that must be met. HTA families willing to care for clients under 18yrs, and those over 18yrs have signed a contract stating they have read and understand the Homestay Policies and Procedures.

Arrival in Townsville

At the airport you will be met by the Homestay Co-ordinator. Look for the people who are holding a sign with your name on it. Please keep the Co-oridinators mobile number with you as supplied in your Student Handbook, and let her know if you have any flight changes or email homestaytsv@gmail.com

Orientation meetings

HTA Co-ordinator will attend the inital meeting between the student and host family to run through some basic information that is important in the running of the family. She also liases with the student should he/she has any grievances with the host family.

Parent visits

Accommodation, car hire, travel arrangements and school visits can all be organised if a parent decides to visit.

On-going support

Homestay Townsville is contactable 24-hours, seven-days-a-week should an emergency arise.  Student's have written on Homestay Townsville services, please visit our testimonial page.

For further information on the services we provide please contact us.

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